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Ampere Strengthening Footprint in Nepal with Introduction of Electric Two-Wheelers in Partnership with Kedia Organisation

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Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited (GEMPL), the electric mobility division of Greaves Cotton Limited, has announced its foray into the global market with the launch of its first showroom in Nepal in collaboration with the Kedia Organisation, a prominent business conglomerate. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in GEMPL’s EV journey, expanding its reach beyond India’s borders and addressing the evolving demands of the Nepalese market. The Kedia Organisation will be the exclusive authorised distributor for Ampere Electric two-wheelers’ sales, marketing, distribution, and after-sales support in Nepal. 

Ampere has unveiled its maiden flagship showroom in Teku, Kathmandu, and is set to establish multiple outlets and dealerships nationwide. The electric two-wheeler sector in Nepal has witnessed significant expansion recently, propelled by a growing consciousness of environmental sustainability and government support for electric vehicles. The allure of electric two-wheelers is amplified by Nepal’s Himalayan terrain and escalating fuel expenses, solidifying the country’s status as a prospective market for the electric mobility industry.

In the Nepal market, Ampere Primus, backed by Ampere Magnus, is the premier offering. Prioritising safety with its LFP battery pack, Primus delivers heightened performance through a PMS motor, belt drive, and a smart connected cluster for effortless navigation. It is the ideal electric scooter for customers seeking an optimal blend of style, performance, comfort, and reliability. In contrast, Magnus exemplifies top-tier performance and comfort, featuring an array of exciting features.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Sanjay Behl, CEO, Greaves Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to announce our foray into Nepal as a significant stride in our global expansion.   Our commitment to sustainable mobility aligns seamlessly with the dynamic market in Nepal, and we are excited to launch our advanced electric two-wheelers.  Partnering with the esteemed Kedia Organisation, a company with a legacy spanning over a century, reinforces our vision to make ‘Har Gully Electric’ and transform urban mobility.”    

Satyam Kedia, Managing Director, Kedia International, said, “Kedia Organisation and Greaves Electric Mobility are at the forefront of a new energy revolution in Nepal.  Together, we are introducing a range of innovative Greaves electric two-wheelers, ushering in a new era of sustainable mobility in the country.”

Founded in Nepal in 1909, the Kedia Organisation boasts a legacy of over a century, with a widespread presence in diverse sectors, including banking, finance, manufacturing, and trading. Ampere is committed to playing a crucial role in Nepal’s ongoing transition to electric mobility through this partnership. Ampere is positioned to revolutionise the commuting experience for the citizens of Nepal and make a meaningful contribution to a more environmentally friendly future.

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