Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Bank of Baroda Revises Interest Rates on Retail Term Deposits

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Bank of Baroda (Bank), one of India’s leading public sector banks, today announced increase in interest rates on Domestic Retail Term Deposits, including NRO and NRE Term Deposits, by up to 50 basis points across various tenors up to 3 years. These rates are applicable on deposits below Rs 2 crore, with effect from October 9, 2023.

The Bank is offering interest rates of up to 7.40% p.a. for general citizens and up to 7.90% p.a. for senior citizens, which includes 0.50% p.a. of additional interest for senior citizens and 0.15% for non-callable deposits. The Bank has also realigned interest rates on its Tiranga Plus Deposit Scheme for 399 days. Senior Citizens will earn 7.80% p.a. on non-callable deposits under the scheme.

Shri Ravindra Singh Negi, Chief General Manager – Retail Liabilities & NRI Business, Bank of Baroda said, “We are pleased to offer attractive interest rates to customers, enabling them to earn higher assured returns. In the 2 to 3 years investment tenor, Senior Citizen depositors can now earn up to 7.90% p.a., which is one of the best in the industry. This is an opportune time for existing and new customers to place new deposits at one of India’s leading banks and lock in a higher interest rate on their deposits.”

Bank of Baroda has also commenced its festive campaign BOB Ke Sang Tyohaar Ki Umang” and has launched innovative schemes such as the bob LITE Savings Accountthe BOB BRO Savings Account, the My Family My Bank/BOB Parivar Account, the Baroda NRI PowerPack Account and the BOB SDP (Systematic Deposit Plan), providing a range of benefits to different customer segments. The festive campaign will run up to 31st December, 2023 and the Bank is seeing an encouraging response from customers. Along with the above schemes, customers can now earn higher interest on their deposits.

Bank of Baroda had earlier increased retail term deposit interest rates in May 2023 and March 2023.

Existing and new customers of Bank of Baroda can open a new FD through any of the Bank’s branches across India to avail this offering. An online FD can also be opened by existing customers via the Bank’s Mobile app (bob World)/ Net Banking (bob World Internet).

Bank of Baroda’s Revised Fixed Deposit Interest Rates for the following Time Buckets: 

Domestic Term Deposits including NRO below ₹ 2.00 Crore [Fresh & Renewal] – [Callable] w.e.f 09.10.2023
 TenorsResident/ General PublicResident Indian Senior Citizen Increase/Decrease by
 Old Rate(% p.a.)New Rate(% p.a.)(w.e.f. 09.10.2023) Old Rate(% p.a.)New Rate(% p.a.)(w.e.f. 09.10.2023)
15D to 45D3.003.503.50*4.00*+50bps
46D to 90D4.505.005.00*5.50*+50bps
91D to 180D4.505.005.00*5.50*+50bps
181D to 210D5.255.505.75*6.00*+25bps
211D to 270D5.756.006.25*6.50*+25bps
271D to less than 1Y5.756.256.25*6.75*+50bps
Above 2Y to 3Y7.057.257.55*7.75*+20bps
Baroda Tiranga Plus – 399 Days7.257.157.75*7.65*-10bps
(* incl. additional ROI 0.50% for Resident Senior Citizens)

Resident Indian Senior Citizens get additional ROI of 0.50+0.15 (65 basis points) for term deposits above 3 Years and up to 5 Years and additional ROI of 0.50%+0.50% (100 basis points) for term deposits above 5 Years and up to 10 Years.

For NRE Term Deposits (Rupee) {Callable} ROI for amount below ₹ 2 Crore [Fresh & Renewal] w.e.f 09.10.2023:
 Tenors Old Rate(% p.a.)New Rate(% p.a.)(w.e.f. 09.10.2023) Increase/Decrease by 
Above 2Y to 3Y7.057.25+20bps
Baroda Tiranga Plus – 399 Days7.257.15-10bps

Baroda Advantage Fixed Deposits (Domestic including NRO, NRE (TD) Accounts (Non-Callable)) ROI in %(Minimum Single Deposit ₹15.01 Lakh & below ₹ 2 Crore) w.e.f. 09.10.2023 [Fresh & Renewal]##
 TenorsResident/ General PublicIncluding NRO, NRE (TD)Resident Indian Senior Citizen Increase/Decrease by
 Old Rate(% p.a.)New Rate(% p.a.)(w.e.f. 09.10.2023) Old Rate(% p.a.)New Rate(% p.a.)(w.e.f. 09.10.2023)
Above 1Y to 400D7.006.907.50*7.40*-10bps
Above 400D to 2Y7.006.907.50*7.40*-10bps
Above 2Y to 3Y7.307.407.80*7.90*+10bps
Above 3Y to 5Y6.756.657.40#7.30#-10bps
Above 5Y to 10Y6.756.657.75**7.65**-10bps
Baroda Tiranga Plus – 399 Days7.407.307.90*7.80*-10bps
(* incl. additional ROI 0.50%; #  incl. additional ROI of 0.50+0.15 (65 basis points) for Term Deposits above 3 Years and up to 5 Years, ** incl. additional ROI of 0.50%+0.50% (100 basis points) for Term Deposits above 5 Years and up to 10 Years for Resident Senior Citizens)## Additional Rate of Interest being paid on Non-Callable (Baroda Advantage) Term Deposits has been decreased from existing 0.25% to 0.15% w.e.f 09.10.2023 

The Bank has also increased bulk deposit interest rates (for deposits from ₹ 2 crore to ₹ 10 crore by up to 1% (100 basis points) across various tenors.

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