Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Best Agrolife Organises a Meet on Pest Control and Crop Management for Cotton Farmers in North Rajasthan; Disseminated Information on Increasing Crop Yield

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Best Agrolife Limited (BAL), India’s leading agrochemicals company, recently organized a highly successful meeting in the village of Haripura, Sangria region, North Rajasthan. The meeting addressed the critical issues of pest control, focusing on White Fly, Jassid, Aphid, and Fungal Diseases, in the cotton crop. The event witnessed the participation of a large number of farmers from the region.

During the meeting, various focus products such as Ronfen, Wardan, Bestline, and Richgrow were highlighted as effective solutions for pest control and crop management in cotton cultivation. The discussion centred around the challenges faced by farmers in combating these pests and diseases. It provided practical insights and strategies for their effective control.

The response from the farmers was overwhelming, and they expressed keen interest and enthusiasm in adopting the recommended solutions for their cotton crops. The positive feedback from farmers already using focus products further emphasized their efficacy and encouraged others to explore these innovative solutions.

The meeting was expertly organized by Sonu Pareek, Sales Officer, Best Agrolife at Sangria, who ensured a seamless and informative session for all participants. It was also attended by Shashi Nagpal, representing Best Agrolife, and Gurpal Singh, Field Marketing Manager of Best Agrolife from Hanumangarh.

“We are thrilled with the excellent outcome of the meeting. The enthusiastic response from the farmers reflects their determination to overcome challenges in cotton cultivation. We are committed to supporting them by providing effective pest control solutions and promoting sustainable crop management practices,” Sara Narsaih, National Marketing Manager of Best Agrolife Ltd., said.

Best Agrolife remains dedicated to empowering farmers with innovative and reliable solutions to enhance crop productivity and profitability. With a focus on delivering high-quality agricultural products, the company continues to invest in research and development to address the evolving needs of the farming community.

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