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coocaa 55S3U Pro Coolita 4K TV debuts in India, offering ultimate visual enjoyment with high-definition clarity

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coocaa, a rising TV brand in the Indian market, has gained strong recommendations from numerous consumers through its innovative e-commerce approach, exhibiting great potential for development. Committed to providing Indian consumers with premium yet cost-effective TV products, coocaa invested in a manufacturing facility in India, and it has now become one of the largest overseas production bases for its parent company. The factory’s TV production accounts for approximately 40% of the Indian market, with an annual output of over 2.5 million units. With its in-house developed Coolita system, coocaa has garnered global acclaim, and now, the 55S3U Pro model marks the debut of the Coolita system in India, bringing immense 4K HD quality experience to countless Indian households.

The 55S3U Pro is designed to deliver an extraordinary viewing experience. 4K display with HDR technology enhances every detail of the image finely, letting you get visual enjoyment from Ultra HD picture, as if it’s immersive. The advanced Coolita system ensures eye protection, incorporating Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technology to reduce eye strain during prolonged viewing, so it’s called EYE CARE TV. With a focus on enhancing entertainment, the TV also features an ultra-smooth gaming and motion mode, enabling users to enjoy fluid gameplay and seamless action scenes without motion blur, making the game experience more enjoyable.

To celebrate the launch of the 55S3U Pro, coocaa has partnered with Flipkart to offer an exclusive promotion. From August 4, 2023, the TV will be exclusively available on Flipkart. Indian consumers can buy a large-screen ultra-high-definition TV at the most suitable price of 24,999 Rupees on Flipkat. Here’s the official product purchase link: https://bit.ly/44XtnZ5 

coocaa’s expanding product line in India reflects the brand’s dedication to enhancing the lives of Indian consumers. By creating each product with the ultimate cost-effectiveness, coocaa aims to bring the thrill and joy of large screens and top-notch picture quality to millions of Indian households. The 55S3U Pro 4K TV not only elevates the visual experience but also caters to the diverse needs of Indian families. With coocaa’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the future of TV entertainment in India looks brighter than ever.

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