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Craze Biscuits Conquering Kerala Market: Minister P. Rajeeve Launched Choco Rocky and Bourbon

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Craze Biscuits, a brand that emerged from Kerala with a mission to target the global market, has become a craze in the Kerala market. This scrumptious brand craze has captured the market previously dominated by multinational biscuit brands. To the delight of biscuit lovers, Craze continues to introduce new flavours, one after the other. In an event in Kochi, Kerala Industries Minister P. Rajeeve launched two new biscuit varieties from Craze, marking their entry into the market. The newly launched biscuits are “Choco Rocky,” a chocolate cookie, and “Bourbon,” a chocolate sandwich biscuit.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had inaugurated Craze Biscuits in December last year. In a mere six months, the brand has gained significant popularity among consumers. Craze’s appeal expanded widely with its announcement of being “Made in Kerala, Made for the World.”

“It’s commendable that Craze Biscuits has launched two new products in the market within a mere six months since its brand was inaugurated by the Chief Minister under the state government’s Meet the Investor program. Craze Biscuits has successfully established its presence in the market, standing as a source of inspiration for other ‘Made in Kerala’ products to gain strength.” – said Minister P. Rajeeve.

“Craze’s success signifies the success of Kerala entrepreneurship and the triumph of Keralites. It reflects the success of the industrial approach adopted by the Kerala Government. Craze Biscuits is Keralites’ nostalgia. This significant popularity achieved within just six months comes with greater responsibilities. We are committed to the mission of making Craze Biscuits available wherever Keralites are in the world,” – said Abdul Azeez Chovanchery, Chairman of Craze Biscuits.

Ali Ziyan, Director of Craze Biscuits, stated that “the export of Craze Biscuits would begin in two months, starting with Saudi Arabia and followed by European countries.”

Craze Biscuits has now achieved market success in 22 SKUs like Caramel Fingers, Cardamom Fresh, Coffee Marie, Classic Marie, Thin Arrowroot, Milkrunch, Cashew Cookie, Butter Cookie, and Fit Bite.

Craze Biscuits is the first manufacturing venture in India by Azcco Global Group with business networks spread across GCC, Africa, and Southeast Asian countries.

Managing Director of KINFRA, Santhosh Koshy Thomas, and Brand Strategist VA Shrikumar attended the product launch event.

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