Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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CRISIL launches ESG Risk Analyst course

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CRISIL 1Academy — the training and certification arm of CRISIL Limited — is happy to announce the launch of its ‘CRISIL Certified ESG Risk Analyst’ course.

The self-paced, online course provides an in-depth understanding of environmental, social and governance (ESG) concepts, terminologies, frameworks, regulations and their applications in making investing and lending decisions.

The training content uses relevant market data, best practices, examples and case studies both, in the Indian and global context. It is embedded with animations, interactivities, human voice-over and knowledge checks to make it engaging, easy to understand and to retain.

The course leverages CRISIL’s strong domain expertise in the ESG risk assessment and sustainability consulting.

CRISIL has been a pioneer in ESG scoring in India with over one thousand companies assessed on their ESG risk and performance. We are also a leading consultant for strategy-building for sustainability and decarbonization, ESG integration in operations, and climate risk and social impact assessment for various companies. 

Says Miren Lodha, Director, CRISIL 1Academy, “Our clients, especially in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) space, have often expressed to us challenges in finding the right talent and building capacity in ESG-related skills. Currently, the gap in ESG skills and awareness is addressed through on-the-job training. But that runs the risk of partial understanding of core concepts. We believe this course, being self-paced, comprehensive and in-depth, can help organisations quickly ramp up ESG-related skills and address the talent gap.”

We expect the demand for ESG professionals to only go up from here.

Says Neeta Muliyil, Associate Director, CRISIL1Academy, “The intense spotlight on sustainability is leading to greater systematic scrutiny of ESG aspects of businesses world over. Investors, looking beyond traditional market rate returns, are driving corporate leaders to redraw organizational strategy and increasingly focus on the ‘triple bottom line.’ These shifts have opened great demand for professionals across industries with critical training in ESG analysis, sustainability practices and regulatory asks, and hence, for credible ESG courses that impart these skills.”

The Securities and Exchange Board of India and Reserve Bank of India, too, have been legislating for better disclosures by corporates and standardization of green products. There is similar enthusiasm among corporates, investors and lenders towards ESG. For instance, lenders are increasingly integrating ESG metrics in their credit assessments and the number of ESG mutual fund schemes has increased to nine from three in span of just three years.

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