Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Dholera SIR’s Hospitality sector gets a boost

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Dholera Industrial City Development Limited accomplished the first successful land auction of a hotel plot in Dholera SIR. 

Speaking of the momentous event, a senior official of Dholera SIR stated, “We are delighted to announce that the Social Infra gets a further boost by the successful completion of the E-Auction. This has marked a new beginning for the development of Dholera, as it’s the first investment in the hospitality industry. Dholera SIR already has the best infrastructure with utilities benchmarked toward the best in the world. This will create the ideal hospitality required for various industries, which are keen to set up manufacturing units at Dholera. This also marks the competitive bidding process and will increase the confidence of the investors.”

He added, “228 acres of land have been dedicated to tourism and recreational activities in the SIR region. This accelerates the economic development of the region and boosts infrastructure.”

Dholera SIR had issued an E-Auction notice of plot 307 (Part) falling in the High Access Corridor Zone within the Activation Area (T.P. Scheme no. 2 A) for developing a hotel. Three of several online applications submitted were determined to be eligible. This would be the first plot allotted to the hospitality industry in the region, which has become a key location for business and urban development. The competitive bid was won by M/s Aju Ryokan NCR Pvt. Ltd.

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