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Dredger Corporation of India Ltd. (DCIL) Adopts RFID for Seamless Inventory Management

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ID Tech, a leader in advanced automation solutions, is proud to announce the successful acquisition of a significant tender from Dredger Corporation of India Ltd. (DCIL). This pivotal project will introduce an advanced RFID-based inventory management system to streamline and optimize the maintenance operations of DCIL’s fleet, starting with their dredger stationed at Haldia Port, Kolkata.

DCIL, a key player in maintaining India’s port infrastructure, operates and oversees a fleet of 12 dredgers tasked with ensuring optimal depth and width at various ports through continuous dredging activities. These rigorous operations necessitate meticulous maintenance and spare parts management to minimize downtime and enhance operational efficiency.

Recognizing the critical need for precise inventory tracking and management, DCIL has entrusted ID Tech with the development and implementation of a robust RFID-based Inventory Management System for their Spare Parts. This innovative solution will provide seamless tracking of spare parts from land-based storage facilities to onboard storerooms, culminating in the actual usage on the dredgers.

The core components of this system include:

Web-Based Software: Designed for Desktop/Server usage, providing a centralized platform for inventory management, integrated with DCIL’s existing ERP system for maintaining financial accuracy and operational transparency.

Android Application: Compatible with Handheld Readers (HHR) and Tablet Readers, enabling on-the-go inventory tracking.

RFID Technology: Utilizing IDT RFID Wire Seals, UHF On-Metal Tags, and various other RFID tags & labels to ensure accurate asset tracking.

Mr. Saurav Khemani, Managing Director of ID Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This project marks a significant milestone for ID Tech in expanding our footprint in the maritime sector and underscores our commitment to delivering our advanced RFID-based inventory management system that enhances the overall efficiency of DCIL’s operations and sets a new benchmark in the maritime industry for asset management and maintenance.”

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