Sunday, September 24, 2023
Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Emitec Technologies GmbH Forms an Independent Company Under the DUBAG Group

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Emitec Technologies GmbHa leading player in emission control technology in the automotive space, announced its carve-out from Vitesco Technologies to form an independent company under the DUBAG Group, a Munich-based investor. The synergy between Emitec and the DUBAG Group aligns perfectly with Emitec’s shared vision of a sustainable future, with newer technologies aimed at clean combustion and sustainable mobility.

With this transition, Emitec, now owned by Lenbach Equity Opportunities II. GmbH & Co. KG (LEO II Fund) and managed by the DUBAG Group, will have independence and agility in developing new substrate technologies while continuing to expand its market and customers globally. With the backing of the DUBAG group, Emitec will be able to drive investments for automotive and non-automotive applications, such as off-road tractors, gensets and others.

Rolf Brueck, Managing Director, Emitec Technologies GmbH said, “The Indian automotive market is evolving and is constantly looking for partners who can revolutionize the industry with the latest technologies for cleaner environment. With our focus for the next two to three years on the application of new substrate technologies for improved performance with optimised system cost, we assure our stake holders of our continued commitment on products, technologies, and investment for the future.” 

Dr Schumann, CEO, DUBAG Group said, “We are happy to have invested in Emitec Technologies with a long-term vision for the company and excited to be a partner in the company’s new journey. Going forward, with increased focus on new product development activities for various automotive & other market segments, we look forward to the company achieving greater heights.”

The main features of the acquisition by DUBAG group include:

  • Emitec’s portfolio expansion will continue to serve segments, such as light and heavy commercial vehicles, tractors and gensets, while maintaining its leadership in the two-wheeler segment globally.
  • As a technology driven company, Emitec will expand the product portfolio for upcoming legislations with the introduction of Electrically Heated Catalysts, closed coupled Compact Catalysts to cater to the global market.
  • Emitec’s current management team, production sites, worldwide offices and existing jobs will be retained. Its operational structure and customer contacts will also remain the same.

KVR Babu, Managing Director at Emitec Technologies GmbH said, “Investments in newer technologies will drive change in the automotive industry, not only from an innovation perspective but also a sustainability point of view. Emitec’s acquisition by the DUBAG Group, is a strategic move that opens the doors to opportunities for innovation, growth and expansion in our capabilities while ensuring clean combustion and sustainable mobility.”

Emitec Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of metallic substrates, currently the largest global market share with an aim to increase the turnover by more than 30% in the next 3 to 5 years.

Emitec Technologies shall continue to focus on maintaining the current market share of more than 60% in India and plans to grow further in the Indian 2-wheeler market. In addition, the focus would be to expand the capabilities to cater to ASEAN region. The emphasis would also be on the larger diameter substrates needed for segments like medium & heavy commercial vehicles, off-road tractors in the future.

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