Sunday, September 24, 2023
Sunday, September 24, 2023
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EMURGO Academy Launches Cardano DeFi Masterclass Course

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EMURGO Academy, the education unit of global blockchain technology company EMURGO, today announced the launch of its newest blockchain course, DeFi Masterclass, in collaboration with Cardano DeFi Alliance (“CDA”).

DeFi Masterclass is an exclusive six-week, 40-hour, e-Learning plus live faculty-led online course taught by EMURGO Academy’s in-house instructors and DeFi pioneers from the Cardano DeFi Alliance. The Masterclass is aimed at providing learners with a deep understanding of decentralized finance concepts and applications in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem through a hands-on learning experience involving real-world case studies, step-by-step tutorials, and interactive exercises.

To teach DeFi Masterclass, EMURGO Academy has assembled an instructional dream team of DeFi visionaries from the CDA including some of the biggest names in the Cardano DeFi ecosystem such as SundaeSwap, MuesliSwap, and Indigo, among others. The CDA is a consortium comprising trailblazing DeFi projects in the Cardano ecosystem, such as lending platforms, decentralized exchanges, stablecoin projects, and more, which presents an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn firsthand from the creators who are revolutionizing DeFi on Cardano.

“EMURGO Academy is proud to partner with the Cardano DeFi Alliance and unveil the Cardano DeFi Masterclass to equip learners with the knowledge to not only benefit from Cardano DeFi applications but to also help them drive future innovation and adoption of DeFi on Cardano,” said EMURGO Academy Chief Business Officer Narender Balachandran.

“The Cardano DeFi Alliance (CDA) is excited to share our experience in pursuing higher education for the Cardano ecosystem with EMURGO Academy. By collaborating with some of the most reputable and innovative companies building in the Cardano ecosystem, we can deliver specific insights in an academic format on a host of major topics to further educate cohorts of students on the Cardano ecosystem,” said CDA Marketing Chair (Co-Founder & CMO at Charli3 Oracles) Damon Zwarich.

Leveraging decentralized blockchain technology, DeFi has opened the possibilities to a new digital paradigm for peer-to-peer financial products and services that offer lower fees, faster settlements, transparency, and wider financial inclusion for those that lack access. DeFi services in the Cardano ecosystem have been rapidly developing with TVL (Total Value Locked) at all-time highs in terms of ADA and surging user interest due to consistent upgrades in Cardano-based DeFi applications.

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