Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Exploring Potential in Emerging Localities: Impressive Profits in Residential Real Estate Investment

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The real estate market in the National Capital Region (NCR) has witnessed a shift in investment trends, with a growing focus on up-and-coming neighbourhoods. Several once-overlooked areas are now witnessing a remarkable transformation, presenting investors with lucrative opportunities and yielding remarkable returns in residential real estate investments. These factors have contributed to the growth and desirability of these neighbourhoods and have significantly impacted their overall development.

Mr. Sanjay Sharma,Director,SKA Group, emphasises the potential of investing in these sections, stating, “By identifying up-and-coming neighbourhoods and investing in their development, real estate buyers can tap into untapped potential and reap the benefits in the long run. These areas offer affordable property prices with a high potential for growth, making them an attractive investment proposition. As these areas undergo positive changes, the demand for residential properties increases, resulting in higher returns on investment.”

“Investing in upcoming realty hotspots provides an excellent opportunity to enter the market at an affordable price point. Establishing businesses and commercial hubs not only creates employment opportunities but also boosts the area’s overall economy. This, in turn, attracts more residents, leading to an increase in property values. The quality of life has improved significantly with better infrastructure, schools, and recreational facilities,” said Mr. Salil Kumar,Director-Marketing and Business Management,CRC Group.

The influx of businesses and the establishment of commercial hubs have further contributed to the transformation of these neighbourhoods. With the growth of industries and the rise of entrepreneurial ventures in these areas, residents can access a wide range of job opportunities. This, coupled with improved infrastructure, has led to an increase in demand for housing, benefiting both investors and the local community.

Mr.Vikas Bhasin,Chairman And MD of SAYA Group, shared his views on the development, stating, “The influx of investment in our neighbourhood has been truly transformative. Moreover, the increase in property values also provided a sense of pride in the community. Government initiatives and private investments have led to the improvement of road networks, transportation facilities, and civic amenities in these areas. This enhanced connectivity has made these neighbourhoods more accessible and appealing to homebuyers and investors alike.”

“Infrastructure development plays a vital role in the transformation of these neighborhoods. With improved connectivity, the areas become more accessible, attracting homebuyers and investors alike. Additionally, the presence of cultural attractions and the establishment of businesses create a vibrant and livable community, further enhancing the value of the real estate. The revitalization of these regions has been driven by a combination of factors, ranging from infrastructure development and cultural attractions to the influx of businesses and the growing demand for affordable housing options Says Amit Modi, Director, county group.

In addition to the financial gains, investing in up-and-coming neighbourhoods contributes to social and cultural development in addition to the financial gains. These sections often exhibit a unique character, with a blend of old-world charm and new-age vibrancy. The revival of historic buildings, the creation of art districts, and the establishment of cultural centres have further enhanced these areas’ desirability.

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