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GITAM Launches Andhra Pradesh’s First Technology Enabling Centre With INR 3.28 Cr DST Grant

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Following a grant of Rs 3.28 crores from the Department of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology, GoI) GITAM (Deemed to be University) — a NAAC A++ accredited university — has launched DST GITAM Technology Enabling Centre (G-TEC) the first-ever such centre set up in Andhra Pradesh, at it’s Visakhapatnam campus.

The project is a conscious effort to bridge the industry-academia gap and to provide an enabling ecosystem for faculty innovators and MSMEs in the southern state.

“Academia is the base for knowledge generation. However, in India, effective institutional mechanisms are largely missing in academia to translate R&D output into technological wealth. G-TEC will work to network researchers with institutes, national laboratories, and industry, to create an ecosystem for technology development and technology transfer,” said Prof Raja P Pappu, Coordinator-G-TEC, Director, Research & Development, GITAM (Deemed to be University).

He added, “By uniting industry, academia, and research communities through the GITAM Technology Enabling Centre, we envision a future where innovation flourishes, bottlenecks are overcome, and India, along with Andhra Pradesh, emerges as a global leader in the realm of research and development.”

G-TEC will focus on identifying new-age technologies and making them available in the market; market assessment of technologies required for industries in Andhra Pradesh; and refining technologies by networking with various Technology Development Labs. GITAM has engaged third party organisations to conduct market research — in disciplinary function units of Life Sciences, Engineering and Physical Sciences — to identify challenges faced from a business perspective and potential solutions to solve them. In parallel, G-TEC teams would assess technologies being developed by colleges and universities.

G-TEC will also provide advisory services including assistance with research, connecting research expertise with industry partners and capacity building programs for an efficient workforce.

“Notably, India’s current position at 40th in the global innovation ranking, accompanied by a GERD of only 0.7% of its GDP, highlights the pressing need for transformative action. Developed nations, in contrast, allocate over 2% of their GDP towards Research & Development, a benchmark that India must strive to attain in order to fuel its projected $5 billion economy. Additionally, within the state of Andhra Pradesh, although it holds an admirable 9th position in the NITI Aayog Innovation Index’s overall state ranking, further advancements are imperative. Significant investments in Research & Development are the key to unlocking this potential for growth and advancement. The G-TEC is designed to cultivate an ecosystem that nurtures innovation by leveraging cutting-edge technologies developed by academia to address industry challenges,” said Mr. Som Bhatt, COO, G-TEC and Deputy Director – Collaborations and Consultancy, GITAM Deemed University.

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