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‘Gods of Gourmet’ emerges as the most-watched food docu-series of 2023 in India

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Gods of Gourmet on Disney+ Hotstar, a visual culinary journey that unravels India’s refined dining narrative, is setting new records. Created by Advaita Innovation Labs (AIL-India), a prominent brand storytelling studio, this captivating nine-part documentary series has swiftly ascended to the pinnacle as India’s most-watched food docu-series of 2023, captivating the hearts of nearly 10 lakh viewers within a month of its release. Internal data reveals a staggering 14 million impressions on the Disney+ Hotstar app and connected TV, further highlighting the series’ monumental success. The audience’s fervour is evident, with over 55% indulging in binge-watching multiple episodes in a single sitting.

In a nation celebrated for its diverse culinary heritage, ‘Gods of Gourmet’ weaves the tales of India’s finest fine dining establishments through the narratives of the chefs. Featured restaurants include Koishii (The St. Regis, Mumbai), Riwaz (The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore), Toya (The Westin Resort & Spa Himalayas), Al Di La (Conrad Pune), Tiamo (Conrad Bengaluru), Sārvatt (Hyatt Regency Ahmedabad), Thai Soul (Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty), The Flying Elephant (Park Hyatt Chennai), and Shrot (Hyatt Regency Jaipur Mansarovar).

Created in association with Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels India, Hyatt Dining Club and Hilton Hotels India, the effort is to establish India as a global fine dining destination.

Sayantani Chakrabarty, the show’s creator and Co-Founder of AIL-India, shared, “We aimed to spotlight India as a global fine-dining haven rather than just a street food mecca, and the overwhelming response affirms this endeavour. This series is an ode to the culinary maestros shaping India’s gastronomic landscape. It’s about celebrating innovation, tradition, and the dedication that has elevated these restaurants to legendary status.”

“Having received a grand response from the audience and the hotelier communities across India, we are now all set for the next two seasons as registration for the next one begins in December,” she added.

The success story of Gods of Gourmet extends beyond the screen, resonating with a diverse audience. Notably, around 28% of viewers engaged through iOS devices, while the remaining preferred Android, showcasing the broad spectrum of its appeal. With an opulent visual style, captivating storytelling, and intimate interviews with master chefs, the show continues to draw viewers into its world of culinary opulence and innovation.

Gods of Gourmet is indubitably a trendsetter, emerging as a top choice among food aficionados and discerning viewers, earning its place among the ‘Popular Shows’ on Disney+ Hotstar. This remarkable journey through India’s culinary splendour is proving to be an irresistible feast, leaving audiences craving for more, one delectable episode at a time.

AIL-India is also diligently working on twelve more docu-series, including those focused on luxury travel, cruises, weddings, and the much-awaited Brands of Tomorrow Season 2, all scheduled to stream early next year.

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