Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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HCLSoftware Releases its Hyperautomation Enabler Platform – HCL Universal Orchestrator

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HCLSoftware, a global leader in enterprise software solutions, announced the release of HCL Universal Orchestrator, a cloud-native process platform designed to expand automation with limitless scenarios. It enables the orchestration of the universe of automations with a low-code approach for workflows design, enhanced visibility, seamless orchestration across hybrid systems, and robust rule engines.

“Organizations engaged in an end-to-end digital transformation need automation to increase efficiency and accuracy and reduce costs,” said Luca Landi, Vice President and General Manager, Automation Orchestration, HCLSoftware. “But with the ever-changing landscape of automation technology, businesses have realized they need reliable orchestration to automate their entire processes rather than just limited tasks or workflows.”

Many analysts’ predictions point to the need for an orchestrated set of technologies, tools, and platforms to automate as many IT (Information Technology) and business processes as possible. Many call this phenomenon “hyperautomation.” A strong hyperautomation platform will not only yield improved accuracy, efficiency, and innovation, but also will seamlessly integrate people with technology.

Features of HCL Universal Orchestrator

  • Seamlessly span across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures
  • Ensure high scalability and swift workflow execution for calendar-based and event driven, business, IT and human-in-the-loop tasks
  • Support serverless orchestration for cloud applications
  • Enable data exchange between tasks
  • Empower business users with self-service automation

Integrated within other offerings under the HCL Automation Orchestration suite of prodcucts, HCL Universal Orchestrator is a holistic solution for end-to-end business requirements.

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