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Iconic Beauty Brand Laura Mercier Makes Grand Debut in Mumbai

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Baccarose, a prominent name in the beauty and cosmetics distribution industry, is set to introduce the renowned French American makeup and skincare brand, Laura Mercier, to the vibrant and growing beauty landscape of India. The brand loved by people worldwide, is excited at the opening of its first store in Phoenix Palladium, Mumbai. This is a big step for the brand as it enters one of the world’s busiest beauty markets.

Located in the heart of Mumbai, the new Laura Mercier store promises an immersive and unparalleled shopping experience for beauty enthusiasts across Mumbai. With its timeless elegance and commitment to quality, Laura Mercier has captured the hearts of makeup lovers for decades, offering a wide range of luxurious products designed to enhance natural beauty.

Founded by world-renowned makeup artist and pioneer of Flawless Face, Laura Mercier. Laura Mercier has established itself as a global leader in the beauty industry. Known for its exceptional quality and commitment to enhancing natural beauty, Laura Mercier’s makeup and skincare products have garnered a loyal following worldwide.

Embracing the philosophy of “Less is More,” Laura Mercier’s signature approach revolves around the No Makeup-Makeup Look, famously referred to as “Laura’s Flawless Face.” At the heart of this beauty ethos are hero products meticulously crafted to achieve a subtle yet radiant appearance. Laura Mercier bridges the gap between skincare and makeup encouraging self-acceptance and moving away from full-coverage foundation.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Marco Ficarelli, Chief Revenue Officer of Laura Mercier Cosmetics., said, ” We are thrilled to introduce the illustrious French American makeup and skincare brand, Laura Mercier, to the dynamic beauty market of India. A thriving market that holds immense potential The new store represents more than just a retail space; it’s a destination where beauty enthusiasts can explore, experiment, and indulge in the art of makeup. With a growing demand for premium cosmetics and passionate beauty consumers who are influenced by global beauty trends and self-care, we are excited to bring Laura Mercier’s innovative and high-quality products that will empower Indian consumers and enhance their self-expression,”

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Kadambari Lakhani, Director of Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd., said; “Baccarose is truly honored to collaborate with Laura Mercier in introducing this iconic brand to India. Our strategic move to bring Laura Mercier to the Indian market underscores our unwavering dedication to offering Indian consumers access to premium, internationally acclaimed beauty products. We are confident that Laura Mercier’s innovative and high-quality products will strike a chord with Indian consumers who seek premium cosmetics, providing them with an opportunity to embrace and enhance their unique beauty through the art of makeup.”

Laura Mercier’s Flawless Face technique is a revolutionary approach, that extends professional artistry to everyone. Starting with the 1996 pioneer, Primer creates a flawless canvas for enduring makeup freshness. Foundation, prioritizing balance over concealing, offers choices like tinted moisturizers for a radiant glow or Laura Mercier foundations for perfected finishes. The Conceal and Camouflage step strategically hides darkness and blemishes with standouts like the Secret Camouflage palette. Culminating with the hero product, Translucent Loose Setting Powder, it ensures a natural skin finish, setting the stage for flawless, enduring beauty. Laura Mercier’s Four-Step Technique effortlessly empowers individuals to showcase their best features.

Baccarose’s strategic move to bring this prestigious brand to India reflects a dedication to providing Indian consumers with access to premium and internationally acclaimed beauty products. As Laura Mercier makes its debut in India, beauty enthusiasts can expect a fusion of French sophistication and American ingenuity, tailored to suit the diverse beauty needs of the Indian market. The brand’s arrival is poised to redefine beauty standards and empower individuals to express their unique selves through makeup, promising a universally accessible professional performance that resonates with the essence of Laura Mercier.

Hero Products of Laura Mercier in India, will include:

It is the first step to a flawless, professional-quality base and transforms the appearance and staying power of products applied after it. Laura Mercier brought primers from the professional makeup artist’s kit to the consumer market in 1996, pioneering them as a daily makeup tool rather than an advanced professional technology. Pure Canvas Primers are essential to lock in skincare and to provide foundation with a surface to grip, ensuring that it won’t move or settle conspicuously, and will look fresh and natural all day while providing a protective, breathable layer on the skin. Pure Canvas Primers feature a comfortable serum-like gel texture which works intuitively with skincare to create an ideal base for makeup.

Rather than using foundation to cover blemishes or imperfections, Laura thinks of it as an integral tool for evening the complexion and revealing its best features. For a natural, glowing finish, plumping the skin and perfecting it with a sheer veil of color, opt for a tinted moisturizer. For an evening or a more dramatically perfected skin finish, choose the Laura Mercier foundation. Either can be worn alone or with concealer, camouflage, and powder; the Flawless Face technique can be adapted to every type of makeup look.

Conceal and Camouflage:
While Laura advises that concealing should be kept to covering darkness around the eye area with a creamy, crease-resistant, and highly pigmented formula that stretches in sync with the eye, camouflage involves seamlessly covering any blemishes, scars or pigmentation to even the overall complexion.

Secret Camouflage, Laura Mercier’s bestselling camouflage palette, allows for impeccable, customized coverage wherever and whenever it is needed. Camouflage features a firmer, less elastic structure than concealer, making it the perfect solution for full, high pigment coverage that stays in place all day.

Translucent loose setting Powder:
Translucent Loose Setting Powder is the final step in the Flawless Face technique. Setting foundation and concealer with this no-flashback, hero loose powder also provides a base for any color powder products to follow. Translucent Loose Setting Powder was developed by Laura to be invisible, even in flash photography, and features a superfine, lightweight silky texture and natural skin finish that has made it an industry icon whose formula has remained a bestseller, unchanged and unrivalled since its creation.

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