Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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IMA India Successfully Concludes its Regional Conference 2023: A Deep Dive into the Next Era of Accounting and Finance

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IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) India recently concluded its 2023 Annual Conference, bringing together more than 220 professionals from various sectors to discuss and deliberate on pioneering the future of finance. Central to the conference’s agenda was understanding the next era of accounting and finance. With the global economic landscape in perpetual flux and technology driving seismic shifts in business practices, the role of financial professionals has never been more pivotal. The sessions provided a comprehensive dive into the pressing challenges and opportunities in today’s financial realm.

Pranesh Krishnan, Director of Operations, IMA India said, “Our focus transcends traditional presentation boundaries. With the invaluable resources of IMA and the importance of the CMA certification, we equip professionals to navigate a future world of business that’s continuously challenged by global economic shifts, yet constantly enhanced by technological advancements. We see the essence of this conference as an avenue for nurturing relationships, building robust networks, forging lifelong friendships, and preparing our IMA community for the evolving business landscape.”

Highlighting key sessions, Rich Brady, IMA Chair, in his presentation “Pioneering the Future of Finance,” said that “Innovation in finance and accounting is no longer a choice but a necessity. The increasing demands of regulatory compliance and competition make it imperative.”

Speaking about the conference, Rich Brady said, “Our dialogues now soar beyond the familiar terrains of finance, breaching the frontiers where digital dreams and fiscal realities merge. The CFOs of tomorrow are not mere sentinels of treasuries; they are the visionaries shaping the the future of innovation. It’s evident that embracing innovation is paramount, necessitating not just a reallocation of resources, but a profound shift in mindset. This conference is a testament to that evolution, fostering connections and equipping the IMA community to lead in this dynamic era.”

Ashish Maheshwari, CFO, Apollo Health and Lifestyle, shed light on “The Changing Face of Risk” showcasing both the challenges and opportunities present in the modern financial world, while Dr (Maj) Rupinder Kaur, Leadership Coach, UN Mentor, Harvard Fellow, talked about leadership nuances in her session “Leading Imperfectly.”

With this conference, IMA India has set a precedent for future finance conferences, marking a new era where finance professionals discuss innovation, leadership, and growth.

This year’s conference was organized in collaboration with HOCK International as a title sponsor, and Miles Education as a platinum sponsor.

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