Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Incture Strengthens Cloud Capabilities through New Collaboration with Google Cloud

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Incture, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, is excited to announce its collaboration with Google Cloud, joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a partner for the Build Engagement Model. This qualification empowers Google Cloud customers to harness Incture’s innovative digital solutions, optimizing operational efficiency and driving business growth through advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities.

As part of Google Cloud Partner Advantage, Incture brings to the table a suite of services and solutions designed to transform business processes and enhance decision-making through real-time insights. Customers can now leverage the following key features:

  • Advanced data analytics and business intelligence tools tailored to specific industry needs.
  • Integration of machine learning models to predict outcomes and automate decision-making processes.
  • Streamlined operations through the deployment of custom Cherrywork digital applications on Google Cloud’s secure and scalable infrastructure.
  • Enhanced collaboration and productivity tools that integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace.
  • Access to real-time critical data without duplicating information, and perform advanced analytics by simply integrating SAP Datasphere with Google Cloud BigQuery.

“Incture is thrilled to partner with Google Cloud, marking a significant milestone in our mission to drive digital innovation,” said Sachin Verma, CEO of Incture. “Our collaboration with Google Cloud enables us to leverage their cutting-edge cloud technologies, enhancing our ability to deliver impactful, scalable, and secure solutions to our customers worldwide. Together, we are set to transform how businesses operate, making them more agile, intelligent, and efficient.”

Empower Your Business with Incture and Google Cloud

Businesses looking to accelerate their digital transformation journey are encouraged to explore the synergies between Incture’s solutions and Google Cloud.

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