Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023
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IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME! Handball Semifinals today

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BlueSport Entertainment Private Ltd., organisers of the Premier Handball League (PHL), conducting inaugural season of the PHL from 8th June 2023. 6 teams from Delhi (Telugu Tenors) , Maharashtra (Maharashtra Ironmen), Gujrat (Gravit Gujrat) , Rajasthan (Rajasthan Patriots) , Uttarpradesh (Golden Eagle) payed 30 matches till 22nd of June. 23rd was rest day. Four teams out of 6 have reached to semifinal and will have matches today to reach to finals. First match today at 7pm is of Maharashtra Ironmen with Rajasthan Patriots and second game at 8:30pm is of Telugu Tenors with Golden Eagle. You can watch these mates live on JIO Cinema / Sports18 or on Premier Handball League youtube channel said Dr. Ajay Data, Chairman, Premier Handball League.

Dr. Ajay Data , Mr. Abhinav Banthia, Mr. Vivek Lodha, Deepak Data and Vigyan Lodha are promoters of the Premier Handball League.

Handball is fastest Olympic sport and in fact second fastest sport in the world. The game duration is just 1 hour and till now a goal is recorded in less than a minute in total of 1500 + goals. So one can imagine it’s very fast paced game and people are loving it in stadium and on TV said Ajay Data, Chairman Premier Handball League.

The love and support from people is unprecedented as #HandballLeague trended number 1 on twitter and gathering millions of views. We will leave no stone unturned to reach to the grassroot and make handball household sport.

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