Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Kotak811 Unveils ‘Finance ka +1’ Campaign, an Empowering Journey Towards Financial Freedom

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Kotak811 has recently rolled out its new campaign, ‘Finance ka +1’ which aims to empower youngsters to take control of their finances and attain financial freedom.

At the heart of this campaign is the truly digital savings account powered by technology. The ‘Kotak-811,UPI,Payments & Loans’ app serves as the digital dashboard that gives a holistic financial overview to the customers and helps them manage and plan their finances better with its 250+ features.

An initiative towards promoting financial literacy.

The ‘Finance ka +1’ campaign by Kotak811 demystifies the otherwise daunting financial concepts, explaining complex financial terms in a simpler manner.

To watch the first episode of the campaign, visit Kotak811’s YouTube page.

For more information on Kotak811’s ‘Finance ka +1’ campaign and the ‘Kotak-811,UPI,Payments & Loans’ app, please visit or download the ‘Kotak-811,UPI,Payments & Loans’ app from your app store today.

Kotak811 gave a digital spin to banking by pioneering the truly digital zero-balance savings account that can be opened online within 5 minutes. The account comes with multiple benefits, including the flexibility to spend and save freely. The account earns up to 4%* interest per annum. * T&C Apply

About Kotak 811

When 8th November 2016 forever changed the way India transacted, Kotak811 was conceptualized to simplify banking and make it fully accessible online. Kotak811 was launched on 29th March 2017. As one of India’s first full service, truly digital bank, it offers customers a simple and convenient way to open a savings account and transact digitally using 180+ features on its Kotak811 Mobile Banking app, from home or on the move.

On 29th March 2022, Kotak811 presented itself as a bank within a bank, adopting a fresh and new brand identity with ‘digital’ at its core. As a brand ethos, Kotak811 continuously inquires into India’s banking challenges, innovates to bridge these gaps, and inspires Indians to adopt a way of banking that lets them take full control.

Kotak811 has customers from over 1,000 cities & towns covering over 10,000 pin codes across the country. Every 5 seconds, a new Kotak811 account is opened digitally. Interestingly, more than 50% of 811 accounts are opened outside banking hours. Kotak811 offers instant account opening in 3 mins and KYC via video call in 5 mins.

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