Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Let’s Talk Mutual Funds: A Systematic, Smart Way to Make Them Work for You by Monika Halan Releasing on 27 June 2023

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In Let’s Talk Mutual Funds, Monika presents an actionable blueprint for readers who want to build wealth in a smart, swift manner. Let’s Talk Money helped readers plan their financial life in a better way, the feedback from a larger majority was to have a book on how to action the basic investment ideas in the book.

In the last decade, the growing popularity of mutual funds have gotten the Indian middle class interested in them. However, there are still many who do not understand mutual funds as an investment tool, are too scared to take the plunge or are simply standing on the sidelines seeing others invest. Monika takes the readers, in her own inimitable style, making the reader understand her investing needs, available product types and eventually taking an informed plunge to build long term wealth.

“It is my passion to change the way Indians think about money. Let’s Talk Mutual Funds takes my earlier work, Let’s Talk Money, forward, from organizing finances to managing investments. Let’s Talk Mutual Funds gives readers a systematic route to shortlist and select mutual funds. It enables them to build personalized portfolios that suit their unique situations. I take great joy in simplifying complex issues. I use analogies and real-life stories to make this dry topic of investing into an exciting participative ride. Indian investors are pouring more than a trillion rupees a year into mutual funds – I want to give them, and the new investors, a roadmap so they can maximize their potential. Let’s Mutual Fund!” says Monika Halanthe author.

“With Let’s Talk Money, Monika Halan started a personal finance revolution in the country. Monika’s biggest USP is her ability to explain finance and money to anyone in the easiest manner possible. With Let’s Talk Mutual Funds, Monika takes her readers on a new journey where she makes investing in mutual funds not only easier but also answers any questions that any investor has before getting started. If you’re thinking of mutual funds, this is the go-to book,” says Sachin SharmaExecutive Editor HarperCollins India.

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