Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023
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Lexus India announces the winner of Nature Electrified Design Contest on ‘World Nature Conservation Day’

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Commemorating its inception on ‘World Earth Day’, Lexus India today culminated the Nature Electrified Design Contest to its fruition. Unveiling the winning entry, Lexus India took the wraps off the winning design livery that has come to life on the Lexus NX.

The design concept of Nature Electrified revolves around the fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and electrified technologies. Embodying its true essence, this contest has further encouraged participants to unleash their creativity and envision a greener tomorrow through their design.

Of the several entries received, the winning design by Ratin Mohan, stems from the growing need to address environmental challenges in a simplified yet proportional manner. The design was clearly inspired by the beauty of natural forms when creating their design. The car wrap embodies the electrifying energy of electricity with vivid colors and lightning bolt motifs, alongside nature-inspired elements like trees and leaves. The design is appropriately named Elements, representing Earth’s nurturing qualities, water’s adaptability, the sky’s freedom, and the power of wind and the Sun’s transformative energy. The camouflage patterns seamlessly blend sustainability with style, urging a harmonious connection with our environment. It’s a creative fusion that celebrates innovation and the beauty of nature, inspiring conscious actions for a greener future.

Congratulating the winning design, Mr. Naveen Soni, President of Lexus India, said, “I congratulate Ratin whose winning creation speaks volumes about the harmony between nature and electrified elements. The winning design beautifully captures the essence of organic beauty, as if nature’s very soul has been translated into a mesmerizing visual identity. The intricate details and craftsmanship mirror the elegance found in the natural world, while adding a touch of modernity and innovation.”

Since its launch in India in 2017, Lexus India has been dedicated to supporting Lexus International’s global vision of achieving carbon neutrality and safeguarding the environmental ecosystem. As part of this enduring alliance, for every Lexus vehicle sold in India, a specific number of trees are planted, contributing to India’s green cover and further bolstering efforts towards a greener future. The number of trees planted varies according to the model, making each Lexus purchase a step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly world.

Over the years, this impactful initiative has led to the planting of several saplings across India, with each sapling being planted in the name of the respective Lexus car owner. This has not only contributed to offsetting carbon emissions, but has also rejuvenated and enriched the local ecosystems.

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