Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Location Bank: Transforming Retail Marketing in India, one location at a time

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In the realm of retail marketing, Location Bank stands as a global leader, with a presence in 57 countries and an impressive client count of 250+ brands that includes numerous Fortune 500 companies. Having established its presence for over two years in the Indian market, Location Bank has carved a niche for itself by redefining how retailers connect with their customers through innovative technology.

At the heart of Location Bank’s uniqueness is its integration into 95% of car navigation maps, mapping companies, social media platforms, and cab-hailing platforms. This extensive reach empowers businesses to tap into a vast network of potential customers. But Location Bank doesn’t stop there; they go a step further by optimizing these local listings to drive hyperlocal audiences for their clients. This hyper-targeted approach ensures that brands can connect with consumers precisely when and where it matters most.

In India, the Location Bank platform powers F & B brands, women’s apparel brands, furniture store chains, health and fitness chains and more. The versatility of Location Bank’s technology allows businesses across diverse sectors to harness the power of location-based marketing.

The true magnitude of Location Bank’s contribution becomes apparent when we consider the growing challenge of location data management. For many brands, inaccurate local listings leave customers struggling to find their branches, hampering their overall reach.This is a massive problem, particularly in India, where the number of internet users continues to rise year after year and retailers struggle to compete with new stores popping up in their vicinity to drive more foot traffic.

Herein lies the essence of Location Bank’s value proposition. Their 4-tier data cleansing process, coupled with an extensive ecosystem of publishers, positions them as the must-have solution for retailers. It’s not just about listings; it’s about ensuring that customers can effortlessly find and engage with brands. In an age where digital presence is non-negotiable, Location Bank’s AI bots can also respond to reviews and give brands a dashboard to identify their customer ratings and areas of improvement.

Ryan Bakos, Co-founder of Location Bank Inc (South Africa), emphasizes the immense potential of the Indian market, stating, “India’s retail landscape presents an incredible opportunity for Location Bank’s innovative marketing software. Indian businesses are actively seeking cutting-edge solutions to stay competitive and engage their customers effectively. We recognize the unique challenges they face and are dedicated to delivering solutions that cater to their specific needs.”

Dhaval Doshi, Managing Director – India, Location Bank, shares his insights on the journey so far. “Our journey in India has been remarkable, but we believe we’re only getting started,” he says. “We’ve recently also forged strong partnerships with digital marketing agencies and digital transformation consultancies to extend our product offerings to their clients. Our robust operations team ensures that we effectively service our clients, and our success stories in India have created significant goodwill.”

Location Bank’s mission is to continue solving the complex challenges of location data management for retailers. As they celebrated their two-year milestone, the company’s presence in India comes at an opportune time when the retail industry is only exploding year on year. With their unique technology and unwavering commitment to excellence, Location Bank is shaping the future of retail marketing, ensuring that brands can thrive in the digital age.

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