Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Mettle Networks Receives Telecom Certification from Dell Technologies

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Mettle Networks, a pioneering force in NFV/SDN-based telecommunications solutions, is proud to announce its recent Telecom Certification from Dell Technologies for its Mettle vBNG. This distinguished recognition underscores Mettle Networks’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge virtualized solutions to the telecommunications industry while validating the seamless compatibility of its solutions with Dell’s telecom hardware platforms.

**The Significance of Dell Technologies Telecom Certification**

Dell Technologies’ Telecom certification is a hallmark of excellence, acknowledging Mettle vBNG’s seamless integration with Dell’s range of field-proven telecom-specific server platforms. This certification solidifies Mettle Networks’ successful collaboration with Dell in meeting rigorous certification standards. Mettle vBNG has been successfully tested and validated on Dell’s telecom-specific servers, featuring Intel® processors, within Dell labs. The extensive testing process has revealed that Mettle vBNG utilizes the hardware’s performance potential while consistently delivering its core functions.

**Empowering Informed Choices**

This certification empowers customers with valuable insights into pre-tested and certified Dell hardware options, providing the assurance they need to confidently invest in Mettle vBNG. It symbolizes the dedication shared by Mettle Networks and Dell to consistently deliver quality and performance.

**A Milestone for Mettle and Beyond**

This achievement marks a significant milestone for Mettle Networks. Rajkumar Sukumaran, CTO, Mettle Networks says, “Telecom service providers can now leverage Mettle vBNG’s capabilities in delivering user-centric services with the utmost confidence in Dell hardware.” It opens new possibilities for enhanced user-centric services and streamlined operations.

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