Sunday, July 14, 2024
Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Nagarro’s Genome AI platform to revolutionize customer experience

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Nagarro, a leader in digital engineering, has launched a cutting-edge digital experience offering, the Genome AI platform. This platform promises to revolutionize the way enterprises innovate and personalize digital experiences for their customers. The platform has been built to deliver the customer-facing part of Nagarro’s vision of the AI-driven Fluidic Enterprise. It joins Ginger AI, which delivers the employee experience part of the Fluidic Enterprise vision.

In today’s landscape of digital experiences, the key to brand success lies in enabling personalized offerings and smooth user journeys powered by data and AI technologies. This requires micro-level and nuanced experience analysis, individualized interactions, and real-time performance metrics.

Nagarro’s Genome AI platform excels in delivering hyper-personalized experiences, smart recommendations, cutting-edge loyalty programs, and versatile enterprise planning solutions. Designed with modularity, the platform accommodates a diverse range of stakeholder needs. Users can either integrate specific modules into their existing cloud infrastructure or deploy them as standalone services.

The Genome AI platform equips enterprises with interactive tools for knowledge discovery facilitated through an easily navigable, micro-attribute-based ontology. It also supports collaborative simulations and optimizations, all seamlessly integrated with intuitive, language-based user interfaces.

“As next-gen AI becomes more accessible, we’re witnessing a major shift toward enterprise-wide AI adoption. Customer experience is one of the areas where we see a lot of action. Factors like AI explainability, data vectorization, semantic modeling, robust AI security, and knowledge engineering are now in high demand. Our platform employs a flexible, plug-and-play architecture for seamless onboarding and state-of-the-art observability features,” said Rahul Mahajan, a CTO at Nagarro.

“The Genome AI platform offers interoperability with a range of foundational AI models and integrates seamlessly with hyperscaler-specific managed-AI services. It also incorporates a strong governance layer for AI, ensuring data privacy and organizational security,” added Mahajan.

Nagarro’s Genome AI platform is a transformative digital experience offering that empowers brands and enterprises to deeply understand their customers through AI and data insights.

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