Saturday, June 22, 2024
Saturday, June 22, 2024
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NewMika from the house of Greenlam Industries unveils its latest 1.25mm collection

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Greenlam Industries Ltd. among the top 3 manufacturers in surfacing solutions, has a rich legacy of transforming interior and exterior spaces. Upholding this tradition, NewMika, a brand of New-Age Laminates under the Greenlam Industries, recently launched its latest 1.25mm collection through a launch event for channel partners at Hotel Pride Plaza, Aerocity, New Delhi.

Targeted for the younger generation, the NewMika 1.25mm collection is a harmonious blend of innovation and style, with inspiration from nature, architecture, and contemporary trends. The 74 exclusive new decors, comprising of 6 dynamic new textures, 17 abstracts, 28 solids and 29 woodgrains embody inspiration, fuse artistry with functionality, and provide a canvas for customers to express their style and evoke emotions.

From Altos‘ unique groove pattern that enhances visual allure to Lara’s versatile design that complements a wide range of interior styles, each texture is precisely crafted with endless possibility for customization and creativity. Emboss sets a new standard for realism with its woodgrain replication, while Duo combines the luxurious feel of suede with the classic sophistication of a chevron pattern. Shale captures the essence of rugged elegance with its deep embossed stone texture, and Wave invites you to immerse yourself in its mesmerizing pattern. Each texture offers a unique tactile experience, transforming your living space into a haven of sophistication, tranquillity, or artistic expression.

Besides aesthetic appeal, the NewMika 1.25mm collection brings functional benefits such as low maintenance cost, time-saving installation, minimized on-site disruption and cost-effectiveness. The collection caters to the ready-to-use panelling products and aligns with evolving market trends, with sustainability at its core. These also come with several distinct properties which include properties such as antibacterial, crack, scratch, dry heat and stain resistant, among many others.

Commenting on the latest launch, Ms. Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries said, “We are proud to introduce the latest NewMika 1.25mm collection, which is set to revolutionize the surfacing solutions industry. We identified that people prefer deep textures in thick laminates, resulting in a stunning appearance. Drawing inspiration from all over the world, our collection empowers customers to showcase their unique style and personality through their living spaces. We firmly believe that each piece in this collection has the ability to stir emotions and turn any space into a reflection of its owner’s individuality. We are excited to see the transformative impact this collection will have on interior spaces and the people who inhabit them.”

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