Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Now traveling will be easy for the people of Noida!

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Just like Ola and Uber, Noida Metro is soon launching its own riding app. This app will make traveling on the Noida Metro and booking e-rickshaws, e-cycles, taxis, and cabs much easier. It is being designed similar to Ola and Uber, but with additional new features. Noida Metro is preparing to launch its Multi-Model Integration application, which will have robust transaction and security features. It will be available on both iOS and Android versions. After the launch of the Noida Metro riding app, it will greatly assist the general public in booking transportation and e-rickshaws, taxis, cabs, or e-cycles for local commuting.

Transportation facilities in Noida are currently limited, so the plan is to bring all local transportation options, such as e-rickshaws, autos, electric vehicles, buses, Ola-Uber, taxis, and e-cycles, onto a single platform through this app. This will allow people to easily book their rides and get around. The app will also provide the option to book seats on buses in advance.

The Managing Director of Noida Metro, Lokesh M, has mentioned that the app will be launched, and a presentation will follow, ensuring that commuters have proper transportation from the station to their destination. During booking, an emergency number will be uploaded, and users will receive details such as the driver’s name, vehicle number, and emergency contact number. This will help keep the user’s family informed of their whereabouts. Emergency numbers will also be available in the app for any assistance needed.

NMRC had planned to create this app in June 2023, and NMRC’s MD, Ritu Maheshwari, had sought suggestions from the general public and metro passengers for its development. The app is being prepared based on these suggestions.

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