Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Optasia Empowers JS BANK’S “ZINDIGI” App To Elevate Financial Inclusion In Pakistan

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Optasia, a leading Fintech services provider, announces that its AI-led platform’s decisioning capabilities are employed by JS Bank, a major commercial bank in Pakistan, to power their Micro Lending solution within their digital banking initiative.

The solution enabled by Optasia’s AI Platform in Pakistan is provided under the commercial name of “Zindigi”, a digital banking initiative by JS Bank. The digital banking app offering ranges from digital loans, remittances, digital payments, stock, mutual funds and premium debit card position. Zindigi has also garnered partnerships to become a leading banking as a service (BaaS) and open banking solution provider.

The application of Optasia’s AI platform’s capabilities will further enhance and improve the mobile financial offerings by Zindigi and help financial inclusion, economic growth, and have a positive impact on customers people that have been underbanked.

“The capabilities and robustness of Optasia’s AI-led platform are valued everyday by partners across the globe, that seek to improve the services they offer,” said Mark Muller, Group CEO, Optasia. “It’s great to enable the delivery of top-level digital banking services to Pakistan through this collaboration with JS Bank.”

Noman Azhar, Chief Officer, Zindigi, stated “Optasia’s AI capabilities are instrumental in enhancing the optimization of digital banking services, turning advanced lending into a tangible reality for everyone. At Zindigi, our commitment is resolute in catalyzing a positive transformation within the financial services landscape, ultimately benefitting society as a whole.”

Optasia’s global presence has brought its AI platform to over 30 countries. The offerings and flexibility that this proprietary AI-led platform provides, allows Optasia to support financial inclusion to underbanked people worldwide.

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