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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Proactive For Her Expands Clinic Locations and Adds Fertility Services

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Proactive For Her, the leading omnichannel women’s health clinic in India, is excited to announce the opening of three more clinic locations—Whitefield, New BEL Rd and JP Nagar—in Bangalore. These clinics will allow Proactive For Her to expand their medical care to over 500,000 women across Bangalore. Additionally, in order to serve their loyal customers more deeply, Proactive has enhanced their fertility care offerings across its clinics and online throughout India as well. 

Since its founding in 2020, Proactive For Her has revolutionised the healthcare experience for women in India and positioned itself as a leader for world-class care that addresses evolving lifestyle choices. Understanding that a woman’s health is affected by the surrounding culture and society, Proactive For Her’s model is unique in that they practice evidence-based, culturally responsive care with a focus on preventative healthcare, across life stages. Proactive For Her’s medical team, other than being experts in field, are also trained to be trauma-informed, body positive, sex positive, non-judgemental and queer affirmative. 

Proactive For Her has grown significantly since their first in-person clinic opened in 2022, having experienced a 144% increase in new patient visits. The company now operates seven locations in Bangalore’s prime areas of Indiranagar, Koramangala, HSR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, with the newest three locations in New BEL Rd, JP Nagar and Whitefield, making the care women deserve easily accessible. The company plans to open 120 locations in the next five years. 

“As with all of our clinics, our mission with our three newest locations in Bangalore is to make it easier for women to access our excellent, culturally responsive, non-judgemental healthcare. We are always looking for ways to improve how we serve our loyal customers,” says Achitha Jacob, founder and CEO of Proactive For Her. “Thus we extend vaccinations, our diagnostics, procedures and cancer screening, in addition to our in-depth doctor consultations that our customers value, in all of our clinic locations.”

In order to better serve the needs of women, Proactive For Her has also increased its fertility offerings. Between rising infertility rates to couples prioritising family planning and later pregnancies, the demand for fertility services is surging and Proactive For Her provides various early stage interventions. “We’re constantly looking at the clinical need in our patient population to determine where we go deeper. Fertility has been an area we’ve invested in with new services. IVF is not the only answer. Many women can benefit from trying less invasive options first,” says Dr. Geeta Aurangabadkar, Clinical Director of Proactive For Her. 

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