Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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RMZ Foundation acquires Garden of Un-Earthly Delights by Indian Artist Suhasini Kejriwal, selected for Frieze Sculpture 2023 in London

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RMZ Foundation celebrates Suhasini Kejriwal a remarkable artist on a global platform. In its commitment to nurturing artistic talent in India and democratizing art for the public, the Foundation remains dedicated to blending art seamlessly into the fabric of society, enhancing its value, and fostering appreciation for artistic expression in public spaces.

In partnership with Nature Morte, RMZ Foundation announces its support of acclaimed Indian artist Suhasini Kejriwal, who was selected for the prestigious public art exhibition Frieze Sculpture in 2023. Her inspiring series, ‘Garden of Un-Earthly Delights,’ comprising intricately painted bronze sculptures, is presented at Frieze Sculpture Park in Regent’s Park, London, from September 20th to October 29th, 2023. Kejriwal’s rigorous practice spans painting and sculpture, and figuration and abstraction, investigating the unruliness of urban, jungle, and desert environments and the unusual juxtapositions and hybridities that mark everyday visual culture in India today. Episodically, Kejriwal has returned to the study of natural forms and the creatures that dwell amidst them, with earlier presentations of anthropomorphic totems related to her new works in London and at the Anokhi Museum in Jaipur. RMZ Foundation is proud to add this sculpture from the inspiring and timely series to the Foundation’s collection.

Frieze Sculpture, the renowned free public art exhibition, coincides with the art fairs Frieze London and Frieze Masters, taking place from October 11th to 15th, 2023. This year, Frieze Sculpture is led by independent curator and writer Fatoş Üstek, and features 21 leading international artists, with their works thoughtfully placed throughout the historic English Gardens of The Regent’s Park.

RMZ Foundation has consistently taken the lead in curating and commissioning some of the largest installations in India including sculptures, murals, and paintings. Under the leadership of Anu Menda, Founder and Managing Trustee of the RMZ Foundation, the organization embarked on a mission to democratize art by creating a broader audience for emerging artists, with a focus on promoting the artistic creations of artists.

The Foundation’s dedication to empowering women in the arts is evident through their inclusion in its carefully curated collection. These include artists such as Shilpa Gupta, Shaikha Al Mazrou, Mouna Rebeiz, Manisha Parekh, Vibha Galhotra, Diane Maclean, Cui Je, Jayasri Burman, Lalitha Shankar, Shanthamani M, and others. Their work reminds us that art has the power to connect us to our roots and shared humanity.

The Foundation’s commitment to the arts spotlights the contributions of over 55 commissioned art installations by iconic, globally recognized artists within its portfolio, including Elias Sime, Oliver Beer, Patrick Goddard, Erwin Wurm, Manolo Valdes, Julian Opie, Subodh Gupta, Valay Shende, Ravinder Reddy, Dhruva Mistry, Jayasri Burman, and Thukral and Tagra. These are placed across RMZ’s flagship properties in Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad, making the works accessible to a wider audience.

Anu Menda, Founder and Managing Trustee of RMZ Foundation, expressed her perspective on this collaboration, “Art plays a crucial role in preserving our cultural identity that shapes the artistic landscape of our subcontinent in a rapidly evolving modern world. This partnership is a significant step towards democratizing art and empowering women artists. Suhasini Kejriwal’s ‘Garden of Un-earthly Delights’ is a testament to the boundless creativity of artists, seamlessly blending the familiar with the extraordinary. We invite every art enthusiast, connoisseur, or observer to explore the limitless possibilities of the relationship between nature and humanity.”

Celebrated and acknowledged for its dedication, RMZ Foundation is proud to support leading Indian artist Suhasini Kejriwal and her inspiring work, ‘Garden of Un-earthly Delights’ that has recently been added to the Foundation’s collection.

On her creative process, Artist Suhasini Kejriwal shared her thoughts, “The support from RMZ Foundation and this opportunity to showcase my work at a platform such as Frieze Sculpture enables a wider reach for my work. I aim to bridge the chasm between the harshness of reality and the realm of the imaginary – blending the everyday and the fantastic. Nature and the human form are never merely subjects of science or fine art; they are integral components that make up the tapestry of our society.”

Aparajita Jain, Director, Nature Morte added, “We are thrilled that the RMZ Foundation is acquiring Suhasini Kejriwal’s iconic work, Garden of Un-Earthly Delights into its collection. RMZ Foundation is an emerging light in arts philanthropy with an ever-growing and impressive collection of important works by female artists. We are glad to be working in partnership with them to democratize art for the larger Indian audiences.”

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