Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023
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Ryan Group of Schools and TAITMA Launch India’s First-Ever Toy Library: A Revolutionary Step in Play-based Learning

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The Ryan Group of Schools, a frontrunner in innovative education, has joined hands with The All India Toy Manufacturers’ Association (TAITMA) to unveil India’s inaugural Toy Library, an exciting leap forward in redefining playtime and learning for children. This venture not only redefines the boundaries of play-based learning but also resonates strongly with the ‘Make in India’ campaign. The collaboration aims to bring innovative and locally-produced toys to children, fostering creativity, learning, and holistic development. The library allows children to borrow toys, experience them at home, and return them, making play-based learning more accessible than ever before.

The grand inauguration took place at the esteemed Ryan International School in Kharghar. The event was graced by luminaries such as Mr. Ryan Pinto, the visionary CEO of the Ryan Group of Schools, and Mr. Manish Kukreja, President of TAITMA, each highlighting the significance of this partnership.

The collaboration between Ryan Group of Schools and TAITMA is a landmark moment that seamlessly merges education and play. The Toy Library’s meticulously curated selection of toys is tailored to stimulate creativity, enhance cognitive development, and foster social interaction across 3 years -12 years’ age groups. This novel approach also alleviates the pressure on parents to constantly purchase new toys, promoting sustainability and resourceful play habits that align with contemporary values.

Mr. Ryan Pinto, CEO, Ryan Group of Schools and an advocate for holistic education, shared his enthusiasm: “Our collaboration with TAITMA underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and enriching educational experiences for children. This pioneering initiative brings together education and play in a meaningful manner. At Ryan Group, it is the vision of our Chairman Dr AF Pinto & MD Dr. Madam Grace Pinto to implement new innovative learning ideas, and our collaboration with TAITMA in launching India’s first Toy Library which also resonates with the spirit of ‘Make in India’. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this initiative, where learning meets play, fostering creativity, and nurturing young minds. This is a leap towards creating a future where education and imagination intertwine to shape holistic growth. The Toy Library not only encourages learning through play but also nurtures the natural curiosity of young minds.”

Mr. Manish Kukreja, President of TAITMA, echoed the sentiment: “We take immense pride in spearheading this innovative venture that seamlessly integrates education and play. TAITMA’s mission to create enjoyable and responsible play experiences finds expression in the Toy Library, marking a significant stride toward our vision. We are thrilled to unveil this visionary partnership with the Ryan Group of Schools, a step that exemplifies our dedication to expanding this novel concept pan India.”

The launch event featured captivating interactive sessions and demonstrations, unveiling the diverse offerings of the Toy Library. Attendees were treated to a firsthand glimpse of how each toy contributes to children’s learning and development. The toy room boasts more than 1800 toys, and children can engage with them daily in the room as well as take them home.

This pioneering collaboration between Ryan Group of Schools and TAITMA introduces a groundbreaking educational paradigm, intertwining play and learning to redefine how children grow and discover in the modern age.

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