Monday, May 20, 2024
Monday, May 20, 2024
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SatSure Partners with Rabo Partnerships to Revolutionize Cash Flow-based Lending for Smallholder Farmers

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SatSure, a global leader in EO space data applications, is pleased to announce its partnership with Rabo Partnerships. This strategic collaboration aims to drive the access to cash-flow based lending for smallholder farmers globally. The alliance aligns with SatSure’s Banking Solution, SatSure Sage, a suite of applications designed to empower lending institutions for farmer financial inclusion, by making intelligent decisions in agricultural loan management with satellite data, location intelligence, and Machine Learning. It delivers decision intelligence for farmer credit access, underwriting, portfolio expansion and new customer acquisition, loan monitoring and loan collection management.

“Rabo Partnerships is pleased to work with SatSure to increase farmer livelihoods and sustainable Agricultural Finance across the globe!” says David Gerbrands (Global Head of Advisory and Inclusive Business Ventures at Rabo Partnerships). “SatSure’s and Rabo Partnerships’ combined technology, network and capabilities will allow us to help financial institutions strengthen their risk management, collection, and portfolio growth to the agricultural sector, including small holder farmers.”

Mr Prateep Basu, Founder & CEO of SatSure, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Leveraging our relationship with banks, we are certain that this collaboration will empower the agri-lending ecosystem to create innovative financial products for unbanked farmers based on the cash flow model rather than traditional land-based collateral, where digitization is still work in progress.”

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