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The Brilliance of Zoya’s Artistry Now Shines Bright at Kala Ghoda

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In the heart of Bombay’s historic precinct of Kala Ghoda, where culture, luxury, and heritage converge, Noel Tata, Vice Chairman of Titan Company Limited, and Ajoy Chawla, CEO of Titan’s Jewellery Division unveiled Zoya’s exquisite new diamond boutique, the 10th in the country. Over the last fifteen years, atelier Zoya has redefined the way fine jewellery is experienced in India, presenting rare pieces that celebrate a woman’s journey to her soul. The new boutique at the iconic Brady House, has been meticulously curated to create an immersive experience into the inner layers of the Zoya world and its artisanal spirit – minimal yet intricate, effortless yet elegant.

“Luxury in India is coming of age,” said Noel Tata. “Zoya from the House of Tata is a beautiful embodiment of a luxe brand born in India but relevant globally.”

Brady House is a masterpiece of Indo-Saracenic architecture and original details, such as grand ornate mouldings and columns, have been preserved to create a space that is both timeless and contemporary. Fusing traditional karigari and modern design, delicately crafted paper art and wall etchings echo stories of inspirations behind Zoya’s rare creations. High ceilings and large windows flood the space with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Signature chandeliers cast a soft glow on lush feminine interiors in hues of skin, white, blush, and champagne, thoughtfully designed to remind the Zoya woman that she is at the heart of this dramatic story.

The boutique seamlessly transitions from open gallery spaces to smaller, private zones. The bespoke area is an island of creative immersion and self-expression, where clients can co-create custom pieces with Zoya’s master designers. A Private Lounge offers the ultimate customer experience—conversations about jewellery over hand-brewed filter coffee and fresh hors d’oeuvres.

“Zoya is the jewel in Titan’s crown, bringing alive rich Indian narratives of craft through meaningful pieces of wearable art,” said Ajoy Chawla. “We are delighted to open our 10th boutique today in Kala Ghoda celebrating Zoya’s distinguished design language through patented stone cuts and settings.”

With its aura of a fine art gallery, Zoya at Brady House promises an indulgent journey of discovery. For those who seek the extraordinary, Zoya’s new boutique is an invitation to experience the finest in timeless luxury.

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