Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023
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Uplifting Rural Lives: Empowering Farmers through Dairy as a Service Platform

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Started in 2019, Mooofarm, a dairy-as-a-service platform, has been creating a visible impact in the Indian dairy ecosystem. The firm helps dairy farmers access quality cattle, premium feed, financial linkages, and advisory services through a phygital model. For the past 4 years, Mooofarm has brought about a positive change in the lives of lakhs of farmers across the states of Rajasthan and Punjab.

In a heartwarming tale of transformation, Mooofarm became the catalyst for a farmer’s family to rewrite their destiny. The protagonist of this narrative, Vimla Devi, found herself at the crossroads of change when she encountered Mooofarm, an innovative dairy firm that would alter the course of her life. “Recently, my family’s fate took an incredible turn. It all started when I was advised to purchase cattle from Mooofarm and begin selling milk. Welcoming the cow into my life was just the beginning. Soon, I stumbled upon buffaloes on the Mooofarm app and decided to take the plunge into buffalo ownership, starting with just one that yielded a profit between ₹27.68 and ₹55.06 per day. Additionally, the app-to-farm experience was hassle-free, and I could go and check out each of the cattle at a farm near my location,” says Ms Devi, who lives in remote Rajasthan with her family. “As my earnings started to grow, my confidence did too. I ended up purchasing more than 4 buffaloes, a move that initially felt overwhelming. But Mooofarm’s model helped me streamline the entire process, making it surprisingly easy for me to expand my buffalo herd. With each new buffalo, my profits increased, and I began to see a brighter future for my family,” she added.

Vimla ji’s son adds, “The transition wasn’t without its challenges, but I persisted. My mother’s encouragement and her trust in the quality of Mooofarm’s offerings fueled my determination. Slowly but surely, I continued to build up my buffalo collection. I managed to sell 21 kilograms of milk both in the morning and evening, and the excellent quality of the milk only reaffirmed my decision.” Ms. Vimla Devi further adds, “My journey from cows to buffaloes was marked by growth and learning. It gave me the tools I needed to succeed, and I will forever be grateful to Mooofarm for the opportunity it provided me to transform my family’s fate.” Mooofarm, with its progressive approach and user-friendly interface, not only helped Vimla Devi transition from cows to buffaloes but also provided her with a renewed sense of purpose.

The transformation was gradual but powerful, culminating in a success story that showcased the impact of modern technology on traditional farming practices. As the story of Vimla Devi and her family’s journey unfolded, it became clear that Mooofarm was not merely a company but a catalyst for change, turning dreams into realities and changing destinies for the better.

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