Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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UST and Barbara Collaborate to Accelerate Industrial Digitization

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UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has signed an agreement with Barbara to offer customers the benefits of orchestrating intelligent applications at scale across their edge infrastructure. The partnership between the two companies will leverage real-time data processing and local storage to accelerate the time to market for intelligent, cyber-secure, and decentralized applications for Industry 4.0.

Together, UST and Barbara will be positioned to utilize data generated at the ‘Edge’ across thousands of IoT devices, industrial plants, and equipment machines. Currently, 90% of this data cannot be seamlessly processed in real-time, meaning that it loses value. This partnership will allow UST to offer customers access to a leading orchestration platform that is capable of seamlessly deploying, monitoring, and maintaining applications, devices, and AI at the edge at scale. AI at the edge refers to deploying artificial intelligence within an edge computing setting, where processing occurs nearer the source than at a central cloud facility or remote data center. Using AI at the edge allows for quicker decisions, reduced internet traffic, offline functionality, enhanced privacy, cost savings, and better energy efficiency. Businesses benefit from faster and more efficient operations, lower operational costs, improved customer experiences through faster responses, and competitive advantage through localized data processing with improved privacy measures.

In addition to eliminating latency in the delivery of industrial applications, keeping all this data under control in a local environment ensures regulatory and cybersecurity compliance for applications, continuity of operations in low connectivity environments, and significant bandwidth cost savings. The agreement also positions Barbara for long-term success by tackling the biggest challenges of digital transformation hand-in-hand with UST as the two companies collaborate to build a robust partner ecosystem.

“By working together, Barbara and UST will be able to accelerate the launch of projects that require the capabilities of the Edge by offering heightened security, zero latency and greater flexibility. This collaboration allows each company to play to our strengths and experience as we build bespoke digitization solutions for clients,” said David Purón, Chief Executive Officer, Barbara.

“For UST, this agreement will allow us to expand our capacity to develop AI solutions while also extending reach to devices on the Edge. By collaborating with Barbara, we will be able to deploy our agile strategy for the training and deployment of AI models,” said Ignacio Marrero, Head of Smart Data & AI, Spain and South America, UST.

Barbara’s strategy involves the creation of a partner ecosystem that allows it to undertake turnkey value projects for industrial operators and create ecosystems with integrators, developers, and manufacturers.

UST has a history of collaboration with leading technology partners, this has long been a key strategy as the company works to deliver comprehensive digital solutions with greater customization and support capabilities.

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