Friday, December 1, 2023
Friday, December 1, 2023
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Vodex 2.0: The Next Big Thing in Generative AI Innovation

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With the launch of the Vodex 2.0 ground-breaking version Vodex is aiming to change the landscape of the way businesses connect with their customers and prospects over a phone call. Businesses can now utilize generative AI for outbound calls to their customers in a human-like voice. The new version will be available for customers from the month of November with an early Black Friday offer.

Many US-based firms rely on Vodex, a startup with a focus on generative artificial intelligence, to meet their outbound communication needs; The release of this groundbreaking Vodex 2.0 version, will significantly contribute to the rapidly growing Generative AI market which is projected to reach $198 billion by 2032.

The Vodex 2.0 version is a self-serve platform which uses end to end Gen AI technology. Its features include multilingual capabilities (96 languages), voicemail detection, real time analytics, robust API’s along with the ability to send WhatsApp, text messages and carry out real-time call transfer to a human agent.

Anshul Shrivastava, Founder and CEO of Vodex, said, “With the onset of Vodex 2.0, we are ushering into a new era. We can now empower businesses worldwide with this cutting-edge Gen A.I. based phone call engagement platform.

Kumar Saurav, Co-Founder & CTO, Vodex explains “Our commitment to innovation sets us apart. Vodex 2.0 incorporates advanced Generative AI technology for outbound calls in a human-like voice which results in unique solution for businesses worldwide.”
With this groundbreaking technological advancement, Vodex has the power to disrupt the $300-billion call center industry via its Generative AI technology, enabling businesses to engage their customers through real human-like voices over phone calls, setting a new standard in customer outreach and interaction.

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