Sunday, July 14, 2024
Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Wine of Moldova’s inaugural appearance at Vinexpo Paris 2024

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Eighteen of Moldova’s wineries attended Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024 in a historical premiere for the country, with visitor and exhibitor numbers climbing to 41,253 and 4,070 respectively in 2024.

The three day event culminated in a Wine of Moldova masterclass hosted by H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to France, Corina Călugăru,  Stefan Iamandi, Director of the National Vine and Wine Office, and journalist Robert Joseph, discussing the importance of Moldova’s ’10 Revolutionary Years of Building a National Wine Brand’.

“What we are experiencing today is an opportunity. In the next decade, we might not speak of a revolution but of a transformation or reinvention, especially in the Moldovan wine industry,” said Ambassador Corina Călugăru.

She continued: “Moldova is a country of rich heritage with hardworking people. Our achievements in wine industry are a testament to political and international support, but most importantly, to the dedication of our wine producers and the resilience of our people. This, I believe, is the cornerstone of our progress.”

Meanwhile, Ștefan Iamandi outlined the nation’s continuing success in export markets, as premium Moldovan wines gain traction abroad.  “After ’10 Revolutionary Years of Building a National Wine Brand’ Moldova’s wine exports have tripled in value to western countries” he said.

Robert Joseph also observed that “people have fallen in love with Moldovan wine and are telling other people about it, however, it’s not easy to make your voice heard. So, Moldova really is just starting down the road.”

Participating wineries have described Wine Paris 2024 as a “great opportunity to stand alongside the biggest producers.”

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