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World EV Day 2023: Planning to buy an electric scooter? Here are the top 5 EV options to consider

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We celebrate World Electric Vehicle (EV) Day, recognizing the significant role that electric vehicles play in reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. On this day, we applaud advancements in EV technology, the expansion of charging infrastructure, and the growing acceptance of clean transportation worldwide. If you’re considering buying an EV to contribute to cleaner air, quieter roads, and a greener planet for future generations, here is a list of the top five electric scooters available in India:

Ather 450X:

The Ather 450X is known for its performance and innovative features.

It offers a powerful electric motor and a range of around 85 kilometers on a single charge.

Ather’s fast-charging technology ensures quick battery top-ups.

The scooter features a touchscreen display and smart connectivity options.

Ola S1 Pro:

Ola S1 Pro is Ola Electric’s flagship electric scooter.

It offers impressive performance with a top speed of 115 km/h and a range of up to 181 kilometers.

The scooter comes with a high-resolution touchscreen display and Ola’s connected services.

Bajaj Chetak:

Bajaj Chetak is a classic electric scooter with a retro design.

It offers a smooth and silent ride with a range of up to 95 kilometers.

The Chetak comes with a steel body and modern features like LED lighting.

TVS iQube Electric:

TVS iQube Electric is a stylish and practical electric scooter.

It has a range of approximately 75 kilometers on a single charge.

The scooter features smartphone connectivity and a host of convenience features.

Hero Electric Optima HX:

Hero Electric Optima HX is a budget-friendly electric scooter.

It offers a decent range of around 82 kilometers.

The scooter is lightweight and suitable for urban commuting.

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